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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

When I got the truck the door panels were faded and scuffed, in the first pic you can see I put on a coat of SEM but then the arm rests didn't match. The map pockets obviously aren't OEM stuff, I was trying to save some money there and picked those up for $7 on ebay. At the time, aftermarket was fine. Honestly now I wouldn't mind having some 88-91 map pockets with the flap. But I decided to redo these door panels one more time and use the map pockets I have for now. I used some Rustoleum rattle-can bedliner to give the door panels a uniform texture. Then I used SEM black in the area above the armrest, then masked that area off and used SEM burgundy on the rest of the panel. And of course the armrests got a coat of SEM this time so everything would match. In the third pic the trim's back on the panel and it's ready to go on the doors. I guess at this point it's obvious the way the dash will go.
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