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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

The firewall cover is 3 panels.

1. The big humped cover around the blower motor (you may have to modify the power terminals or carefully redrill holes if it will work with these and may have to go to Civilian Battery Tray on the driverside to relocate the rear battery).

2. The center, I think I had to disconnect the ground and possibly the throttle cable to run it back thru looking at the above picture. It fits part way around the hydroboost.

3. The driver side remove the wiper motor, wiring harness bolt and maybe speedo cable. The other half around the hydroboost is covered.

Your door panels look like new again. I got lucky and found a very nice set of correct color brown power window door panels on eBay a couple years ago...just got to install the harness and regulators one of these days.

There could be slightly more
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