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Re: rust repair on the ' goes nothin

The big challenge for the interior was to save as much of the stock orange as I could. I know there's a zillion different options on replacement carpet, but I've never found anything close to the original orange. As it turned out I was able to save it good enough. I'll get another few years out of it anyway.

continuing the ad for Eastwood.

tie downs out of a '99 Tahoe to keep the Yeti 75 from giving me a body check.

Got this quick release fire extinguisher mount from DIY4X. Decided to go with a "clean agent" Halotron FE.

I was going to just use the unfinished sail panel for a headliner, but decided to finish it instead. Used a liner from Pepboys, but probably would've had fair luck with something from a fabric store too.

3M #08090

Truck tailgate needed an upgrade to make it a better camping table. Months ago, with this in mind, I scored a couple big sheets of 16G aluminum off the local classifieds for $60. Used the bead roller to give it some rigidity and used the leftover headliner Xmat to keep it from rattling.

LMC 38-6963 tailgate seal. Not sure how this is supposed to be installed, but this is how I did it.

Upright piece is pinched behind the aluminum side panels, (built next). Partially held to the bed post with 3M Bedding and Glazing Compound, same stuff that holds windshield rubber to pinch weld, as recommended by Precision Replacement Parts, manufacturer of the windshield seal.

On the inside panels I went back and forth for months on if I wanted to save them. They were pretty beat up, but in the end I decided to give it a go and see what happened. First I separated the old vinyl from the cardboard style backing.

Discovered this date stamp inside that I had to save and staple to the wall of the garage as a relic, and a memory of this project.

Another relic saved and tacked to the wall.

Replacing cardboard backing with 16G aluminum sheeting

Glued vinyl to aluminum using same 3M 08090 as I used for the headliner.

Xmat on backside to keep things quiet

Far from perfect, but solid and good enough.

I've had this box in the basement for months waiting to install.

I think I'll leave this spot on the door just cause I can.

Drove about 30 miles the other day, but had a leaky psi line so I turned around. Overdrive is sort of a novelty. Got a couple tid-bits to follow up on. Oil pan is leaking a little, kinda knew it would cause it didn't go together right. Need to go see Tom Woods for a CV driveshaft, etc.
Otherwise, I think I'm done. What a 9 months this has been! Time to take a day off.
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rust repair on the '77
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