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Re: 12 bolt rebuild + Eaton

Pinion depth: There is a spec (2.468 per Motive gear) for depth. This is measured from center of ring gear to end of pinion.They make a tool that you can use to measure this. After you bolt in pinion this tool is centerd under your carrier caps and gives you a point to measure from.
I have never used this tool or know of anyone that does. From reading my earlier post you know I like to reuse pinion shim, but am prepared to got to war with my wallered out bearing and extra shims from my rebuild kit. If you are changing gear ratio I found this in a hot rod magazine for a starting point.
My shim was not marked so I can't say if it is accurate.
3.08 .021-.024
3.73 .026-.027
4.56 .031
5.13 .033-.034
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