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Re: 46 pickemup in NJ "the Rebuild"

Ok so the first order of business was to strip the nose off and see just what was going on underneath the hood. At this point I was not really planning on getting to involved with something like a frame off rest, but as we follow the bouncing ball you will see that it is somewhat necessary.
Everything looks kind of normal right????????????? NOT

One of the first things I had to investigate was the fact that when ever i reved up the motor it seemed to twist a little bit more then what I had ever seen in other V8's. Upon closer review I found that out of the 4 bolts that held the front motor plate (Hurst style) on.....2 bolts were broken off in the block.....1 bolt was missing .....and the last one was being SUPER BOLT!!!!!!!!
Here's the bolt that was missing (look for the screw
driver tip)
Here are the 2 bolts that were broken (they look pretty good at first don't they)?

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