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Re: The Bufmobl Build

Had to learn how to take the rear floor "puzzle" apart. Removed all the bolts and braces. 90% by cutting with a torch. Removed the spare tire tub. Then slide the "key" in the right front corner back till you can remove it. Slide the main piece of floor to the right and Fannys your aunt and Bobs your uncle. I used mine as a template to make the new one.
The next problem was finding a 5' wide piece of plywood, 5/8" thick, to make the new one out of. Well, you can buy a 5'x10' piece 13/16" thick that's used for making concrete forms. Also, it uses a waterproof glue to bond it together. We had to mill the front and rear ends and all the areas the braces go to 5/8" so it would fit. At the edges, the bolts go thru and have washers and a nut, so the thickness didn't matter.

P.S. That's not me. My friend Jon, the best carpenter I've ever known.
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