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Re: First hand experience with changing to the NBS master cylinder WOW!

Originally Posted by Chris95GT View Post
I've done this swap on my GMT400 99 3/4 ton, it was simple and I noticed an improved pedal feel and quite a bit better panic stop feeling. Houston traffic sucks. Before, during a panic stop I felt like the pedal was darn near bottomed out and I wasn't going to stop in time, the few panic stops I've done since the swap felt much much safer. I'm very happy with the GMT800 Master so far, my only regret is not doing it sooner. (I had it sitting around for 2+ years before finally doing it)

Next step for me is GMT800 Front and rear disk swap with stock GMT800 calipers, disks, and pads, but I still need to get and modify GMT800 knuckles to fit my truck, and get new tires for my 6 lug wheels (I'll be going from 8 lug to 6 lug)
You'll want to convert to hydroboost at that point... I would not have converted to the GMT800 fronts had I known they would feel this way (I installed the GMT800 mc at the same time). Yes, the dead spot is gone but the pedal effort required to stop the truck is 25% greater (due to the larger bore size of the GMT800 master) so braking confidence is not significantly improved, if at all. I will be converting to GMT400 hydroboost shortly.
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