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Re: Ideals on c10

Originally Posted by Greasey Harley View Post
I'd spray it down with ATF, let it set overnight, then wash the rust off with soap and water. Follow that up with a good buffing and about 4 coats of good wax.
I'd also hose out the cab corners, rocker panels and inner fenders. get ALL the dirt mud N crud out of there, and let it dry.
I would steam clean the under side, and engine compartment, paying extra attention to nooks and crannies (what the hell are crannies?)
After that, I'd do gear oil, brakes, u joints, grease the chassis, get it running, evaluate what is necessary to make it safe and dependable.
Also, I would start looking for a grill and bumper.
Looks like a fun project, good luck, have fun, keep us posted.

...You're gonna need a lot of beer.

I’m curious about “spraying it down with ATF”?
What does this do, and how much of a mess is it to clean off?
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