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Re: Cummins swap, I know there is a search button but the info is burried in many thr

I bought a Cummins donor today, 1995 2wd 5spd truck, 293k or so....didnít want such high miles but did want The 5spd, it was advertised as a 96 which had me excited since those are 215hp, ended up being a 95, oh well. Runs good and no weird noises, trans is quiet and shifts very smooth. Bad power steering pump. Recently had the KDP fixed and a new front timing cover installed.
Anybody know why it might of needed a new front timing cover?
Here is a pic of the was close by so I just went ahead and bought it, $3600 and he drove it home for me. It not a factory dually, it has adapters in the back and what appears to be factory hubs and rotors in the front.
Iím gonna jack it up tomorrow and measure the width of the Dana 80, I think I can use it, problem is the tag says itís 4:10 ratio, probably change that to something taller. It is posi though, at least the owner states that and the tag on the cover states the same.
Changeover parts to convert the 5spd to mate up to my np205 are about $700. I will order that stuff tonight or tomorrow.
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