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Re: Cummins swap, I know there is a search button but the info is burried in many thr

Originally Posted by Dieselwrencher View Post
Did it get a new gear housing or cover? The dowel pin usually takes a ride down to the cam gear and gets shoved out of the gear housing breaking it. I have a D80 in the back of my 72. These are about 4" wider than the HO52 if I remember right. Yeah, I'd be ditching the 4.10s unless you plan to run 35s. 3.54s are about ideal for these.
I have the Cummins dealer receipt and it was the back cover that was replaced, the one behind the gears, along with a bunch of seals and gaskets and a new timing pin.
If the dana 80 is 4 inches wider I wont be able to use it...I guess I will find out tomorrow when I measure it.
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