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Re: Cummins swap, I know there is a search button but the info is burried in many thr

Originally Posted by Dieselwrencher View Post
You'd have to have 35s to get the RPMs down to 1850 at 65mph with 4.10s with a NV4500.

I saw in your thread that you have 33s. The NV4500 has an OD ratio of .73. So with 4.10s and 33s you're looking at 1981rpm@65mph. 2133@70, and 2286@75. Not horrible. Better than with 235s for sure. Haha
Your right, the 1850 or so was running my dana 60 with the 3.73 bad..I do have 33 inch tires, 32.7 actually I think is what Goodrich says.
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