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Re: you want to change your 5X5 bolt pattern on 73-87 disc to 5X4.75

Originally Posted by khan1369 View Post
k... this thread gets a little confusing... I have some drop spindles on my truck installed by the PO. not sure what the brand is. The front is disc brakes though... Can I put the g10 rotors directly on the spindles I have now? I am pretty sure that the G10 spindles use an A3 outer bearing and an A5 inner bearing. I am trying to confirm that now, and its driving me nuts. Also, what does height mean on a rotor?
C10's, G10's, Caprices (& many full size GM cars), & Camaros w/the 1Le option rotors are all approx 12" OD.

The difference is in the thickness of the rotor. The 1.25" rotors are considered HD & use one combo of bearings. The 1" rotors are considered lt duty & use a diff combo of bearings. The trucks utilized each type of rotor by using different spindles & brake assemblies (vans were the same deal).

Aftermarket drop spindles are available for each brake type (HD & lt duty). You have to have the lt duty spindle to swap off the shelf car pattern rotors. To determine if you have the right spindle, measure the thickness of the rotor.
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