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Re: you want to change your 5X5 bolt pattern on 73-87 disc to 5X4.75

Hi all I know this is an old thread, but I have a question. I have a 76 c10 with the 1.25" rotor. I bought a set of used drop spindles that appear to be for the LD 81-87 truck. Both my inner and out bearings do not fit the spindle. The grease seal appears to correct. My caliper, that I just rebuilt, slides into the "pocket" of the spindle and appears that i would bolt up. My question, is this a simple change of rotors and bearings? Or am I going to need the later calipers as well, possibly brake lines too?

I am not opposed to going to the thinner rotor, I just want the least hassle. Money is an object but safety is a bigger factor. If I have to get the HD spindle I will, but if I can make this work for less I would like to go the direction I am headed.

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