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Re: PROJECT: How would a Chevrolet dealer build a shop truck in the early 1970s?

Hey, thanks for the interest!

To get my carb and choke straightened out, I stumbled across the key number 4555. It may not sound like much, but that's the version of the Holley 4150 that was in the LT-1. Armed with that secret code I found quite a few close-up photos and even a conversion kit that will (I think) give me the right linkages to make an original LT-1 style divorced choke work.

The new challenge is to figure out which way to take the fuel pump. To fit the stock LT-1 fuel line exactly, I need the Vette fuel pump and 90deg 1/4"NPT to 3/8" inverted flae adapter . Unfortunately, that pump is taller to include the vapor separator and fuel return system. I really don't want a *return line* going back into my in *cab* fuel tank. And a more standard pump might not fit the line. I'm waffling right now between just capping the return line and putting in a normal height pump without the return. In one case I'd be going against the original engineering by capping the return. I'm trying to rationalize this by saying that there was a lot more vapor pressure in 1970 gasoline than now, so I might get away with it. Some of the guys in the Corvette forums are doing that. In the other case, I'll have to modify the fuel line. That goes against my self-imposed rule of using only stock fitting parts. If I'm lucky there may be enough slack and flexibility in the fuel line to just use a more standard pump. If I'm unlucky I'd wind up kinking the line and having that 90 deg adapter not fit.
(Very) Slow-Going Build Thread: Stock 1970 Short Step with Stock 1970 LT-1

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