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Re: gas welding vs mig

Originally Posted by sweetk30 View Post
have you looked in to the newer 2 part glue stuff made just for panel bonding ?

no heat / strong as a weld and the factory is using it all over the place these days .
While it is true the factories are using glues, they don't use it in putting a seam down through the middle of a visible panel, as it more than likely will result in ghost lines in your paint. The glues require a flanged seam for the two panels to overlap, two thicknesses heat up and then cool down slower than one thickness. Given enough cycles of heating and cooling, the differing expansion and contraction rates will produce a ghost line showing exactly where the seam took place, like in this tailgate repair:

Pimpston, one option may be to remove the entire quarter, make the needed repairs, and then replace. Or perhaps remove the outer wheelwell to provide access for planishing the weld seam and replace the wheelwell when complete. Or use the glue and live with ghost lines. This is exactly why weld seam locations should consider the need to planish the welds. Don't always take the smaller patch is better way of thinking, plan out the entire operation. Buy the larger panel if available if it makes the install easier, which may mean access for planishing. Use two people to planish if the inside and outside are not accessible by one.
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