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Re: gas welding vs mig

Originally Posted by MP&C View Post
While it is true the factories are using glues, they don't use it in putting a seam down through the middle of a visible panel, as it more than likely will result in ghost lines in your paint. The glues require a flanged seam for the two panels to overlap, two thicknesses heat up and then cool down slower than one thickness. Given enough cycles of heating and cooling, the differing expansion and contraction rates will produce a ghost line showing exactly where the seam took place, like in this tailgate repair:
They are using it all over now like said above. They prefer a rivet bond over plug welding now too. Rivets over the structural adhesive joint. A cold repair/hybrid joint is a great way to repair if it's hidden, and your not going for an OEM restore. Not many places on our trucks for that though. I think it's mostly a modern assembly and collision shop repair technique. But MP&C seems like a collision man so... good info from him. I am considering a small repair in my floor pan to abate some rust using structural adhesive, rivets and a flange. No heat, and I could repair right next to the fuel tank. I am considering it for that. But then again, the floor may provide some good practice for stitch welding. I just hate to remove the fuel tank and lines.

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