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Chevy 250 swap into 53 pickup

Hello, I've had my 53 for nearly 40yrs and the 235 has cracked. Engine shops in Spokane are not very interested in it and the prices they quote me ($3000)make me shy away also. I've looked for used, running 235's but they range from 700-1200 with zero documentation on miles, maintenance, or rebuild histories. Basically buying a core for that amount doesn't do much for me either. They could be cracked also for all I know or have other issues.
I have a 69 1/2 ton with a 250, manual 4 speed that's complete. I am interested in having the 250 rebuilt for my 53 but I've read for days that it may be too long and I will need custom engine side and transmission mounts. How hard of a swap is this? I can't see how I can move my radiator any further forward with the latch cowling there.
I've obviously enjoyed the truck and would like to put my efforts toward a reliable engine I can get parts for easily without costing a body part. Any help or suggestions very appreciated. Anthony
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