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Re: Chevy 250 swap into 53 pickup

The front side that mates to the block of a 216, 235 or 261 bellhousing looks like this 51 bellhousing that I have.

The cast iron truck bellhousing that will bolt to the mounts on the crossmember and bolt to the back of a V8 or 194, 230, 250 or 292 engine or the Chevy II four banger looks like this

As I said earlier my 48 originally came to me with a 194 in it with one of these bellhousings between it and the stock 48 column shift 3 speed In a one night swap (I was a lot younger then) I pulled the stock rear axle and trans out and bolted the later open drive 3 speed and 61 Impala trans in, hooked it up and drove it to work on swing shift the next afternoon. Sure couldn't do it that fast now though
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