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Re: 67-72 BigBlock 4x4s! Pos pics info here.

[QUOTE=Gobuffalo;6779045]I guess I should pay attention to what I'm typing!
The right header comes out at a 45* angle. The left side points straight down. When I was done, I had I extra 90* bend and was short 1 45.

The big block stands won't bolt onto the factory small block 4x4 crossmember without modifying them.
I used all small block mounts and cross members to bolt my big block, TH400/NP205 in. I used the forward most mounting holes in the frame (I compared a 2 wheel drive, big block truck frame to mine). Even though I moved the engine forward to the factory big block position, I had to move the trans cross member back 1". Which means the t-case shifter didn't line up in the original hole, so it got a "custom" bend.[/QUOTE. Are you running a mechanical fan or electric?
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