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Re: NJ Suburban take a look here someone recommended this on the board i will be doing a lot of glass replacing very soon
Originally Posted by pwdcougar View Post
The cold weather has hit NJ and it's tough to work outside after I get out of work. That isn't stopping me from planning though. As soon as I can get the Cougar project in the garage moved out I'm planning on getting something started.

First up will be stripping out the 70 Suburban body. I'll strip off all the doors, hardware, glass, wiring ect so I can cut up the body and scrap it. The body is too far gone to salvage. Then I can get the frame in the garage and sand blast and paint it. At the same time I'll replace the brake and gas lines and generally get it ready for the 68 body.

This weekend though I'll tune the 68 and fix all the lights with the intention of putting it on the road.

The 68 needs a new windshield. A place about a half hour away has then new PPG glass for about $130. Is that a good price? I'm assuming that I should replace the rubber gasket. Are they all the same or are some better quality? Any recommendations on a vendor?

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