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1994 Suburban - bodied on custom frame

So I will begin round 3 of building a bagged Suburban with this thread. I tried to done in college, and sold it to pay for my wedding. I tried again a couple years later, and traded it for a bodied Tahoe. I sold the Tahoe to pay some bills while renovating a 130 yr old house for my growing family. So, I don't have very good track record, but this time I plan to end a little differently...

The story on this truck is that it was started by an employee of a pretty well known shop in Texas (won't name names at this point, but they turn out quality stuff). Anyway, he got side tracked with the natural phases of life and it sat around for while. I saw it online, and eventually got the nerve to take my truck and 2 brothers on 2,100 mile road to pick it up. We drove about 17hrs one way to get this thing, but the quality and deal made it worth it (so far). It's got a long way to go, so bear with me here.

1st pic - what they started with.
2nd pic - tow pig and truck on trailer
3rd pic - our most frequent stop (gas)
4th pic - gotta eat, right?
5th pic - more of the sub as it sat on the trailer
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Bodied 1994 Suburban on custom frame -
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Bagged 1995 Suburban - SOLD
Bodied 1995 Tahoe -SOLD
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