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Re: Big Blue Burb

So, I put it in another post, but the shop I took my truck found issues with my starter/flexplate, but I could not afford to have it fixed through them. Instead, my dad came up and we tried to tackle the problem ourselves. To get it home, we needed to put a new starter in it, to avoid getting a tow truck (it was driving before I took it, but I guess they ended up grinding the gears beyond repair). It grinded a bit, but started. We got it home, took the driveshaft off, lowered the transmission, replaced the flexplate, put it all back together. The flexplates were identical, tooth count, size, etc. Then, when we put the starter back in, it began grinding, the bendix got stuck in the flexplate, we shimmed it, but it did not help, until it was barely making contact.

The more I thought about it, we started to wonder if the starter was for the wrong flexplate, but when the old flexplate was in, there was more wiggle room so it was able to start, but with a new one, it can't? I called O'Reily's to double check that I got the right starter for my flexplate, but they could not help.

Also, the old starter had insulation wrapped around it and some weird brace. It is right next to the headers, so I guss to help protect from heat?
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