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Project SHKNBK

Greetings! About 3 years ago I picked up this 1972 K10 Suburban. Throughout the years I've been buying the replacement panels for it and misc. interior pieces such as carpet window cranks and door latch handles, steering column and steering wheel ect.. I'm going to pick up some newer Chevy Suburban/Tahoe 2nd row seats for the front and rear row seats.. Anywho, onto the fun stuff! For the engine I'm going with a LS swap, but to stand out of the crowed this LS engine is going to have a ZL1 supercharger mounted ontop of it, hoping for around 650-700hp.. We'll see how it goes. I cant wait to hear that wine of the supercharger and the faces of the ones that under estimated this big ol' land yacht haha. For the transmission I'm going to run a semi built 4L80E mated to a rebuilt NP205 transfer case.
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