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Re: Project SHKNBK

Originally Posted by Bramante View Post
Made up a cross member and had to modify the motor mounts a bit to get them to work.. Motor and trans pictured is my brothers that is going in his '91 Blazer. I'm just using it for mock-up while mine is at the machine shop getting freshened up. Also welded up a few holes in the frame for a smoother look, I don't like swiss cheese.

I tried to upload pictures but I think my upload privileges got taken away? Not sure.. I'll try to keep this thread updated the best I can without pictures.

I've never heard of any members getting their picture privileges taken away. What is the message you get when you try to post them? If it says something about a "Security Token" that means that the picture is too big and you need to size it down. If that is the case, size the width down to 1150 pixels and try it. If you still have problems PM me.


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