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Hey guys, sorry for the long absence. Some progress has been made. I had got the starter to work. Afterwards, the plan was to work on it with my dad, bare minimum to paint and some body work, but instead, a friend of my dads is working on it. He has had it since July, working on it on the backburner because he's giving us a good deal. We buy parts and supplies, he's only charging $1600 for labor to fix all the rust, weld in the panels, undercoat it, and primer it. I think he was going to paint it as well. This includes taking the rear windows and winshield off, replacing rubber. Only down side is that it is in deep south Texas, I'm in Austin, 6 hours away. I've only been able to visit twice. I suppose I can't complain with the deal I am getting, I just miss seeing it in my driveway.

Soon, it won't be the Big Blue Burb anymore. Going red, was considering Super Red or a Pearl Red but think I might need to classic with Victory Red.
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