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Re: Fastfreddys 454ss

Look what showed up. So far I’m 4 hours into it. That included going to the parts store. I took my time today installing the procharger intake hat, all the upper intercooler tubing that I can access from under the hood, the procharger with bracket and the belt. Tomorrow I will install the purge valve, fuel regulator line and emissions tube. Then the lower tubing for the intercooler and the intercooler from underneath. Hopefully I can Fire it up on Wednesday, retard the timing about 5 degrees and hook up the boost pressure gauge that I already installed. I just have to hook up the line. So far no big problems. The kit came with 111 inch belt and I had to get a 118 inch belt. I also had to grind 1/8 off a little tab off the front of the tbi for the hat spacer. I spent a little extra time on the procharger bracket. The bolts where a little tricky but not too bad. The cool part is I didn’t have to remove anything. I had to swap out the alternator bolt, the upper water pump bolt and power steering bolt for longer bolts with a spacers.The one thing so far that required thinking was the belt routing around the procharger. Just to let everyone know, the instructions are really old and not very good. Luckily I know mosty what to do. The rest is mechanical common sense.
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