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Re: Big Blue Burb

Progress on paint. It has been there 14 months and the guy swears it'll be ready soon (I've heard that before). Haven't been overly impressed with the guy, but I'm pretty much stuck at this point. He was fairly meticulous outside, then on the inside, rushed. The plan was to primer, lizard skin, then top coat possibly with Bedliner, was still on fence. Guy skips all steps and bed liners the floor and roof. Not only that, he mistook the lines on what would be covered and coated parts of the interior that are visible, like above the rear quarter window and the support brackets on the roof. They were able to get it off the rear quarter, but not off of the support brackets, which I wanted to have exposed.

Exhausted from this and just want it home. It's several hours away, so I've only seen it maybe 4 or 5 times in over a year, besides a few pictures. Supposedly, they are working on dash and interior, then painting the exterior.
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