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Re: Wish I hadnít sold it?

I think that you get attached to trucks that you work out of. When I first started out they gave me the worst truck they had. Hey I was 19 and I was the new guy. So I got the biggest pile they had.
I remember my boss handing me the keys and saying "See if it will start".
It was a bare bones 1966 F100 stepside. All banged up. But I drove it for years. Even after a tree fell on it in a windstorm and smashed the roof in. I was in it at the time. (That was fun) Then they gave me a new car. It had a radio and a/c. I saw the truck later and it was all fixed up. It was painted and it looked perfect. Then it disappeared.

I found out later that the garage foreman had bought it at auction. He had fixed it up on the company dime then pulled the coil wire so it wouldn't start and picked it up cheap.

Sneaky move. But at least the old truck got fixed up.
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