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Re: This ever happen to you?

Originally Posted by LockDoc View Post
You never know, maybe she is really rich and is looking for someone to leave her money to. (I can see the gears turning now..... )


I've never run one before, but I spent a dollar to generate a report off "her" phone number. She's my age (go figure), 15 "aliases", no mention of "Meyer", but who knows. I think I met Sybil today, as in the movie......Incidentally, not one of her aliases matches the first name she gave me.
71 Custom Deluxe, SWB, 2WD, fleet, 402/400TH, A/C money pit. Leaf springs too. Speak of those Looking for rear OEM sport bumper brackets for this. They're uncommon brackets. I need what's basically brackets off a 2WD, SWB, GMC.

72 Cheyenne Super, LWB, fleet, C20, 402/400TH, A/C. Donor, hauler - leaks. Luxuries like gauges, heat, wipers, headlights don't work, I prefer it that way.

How is it frame-off when the frame is the last thing left Tony

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