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Re: Herd immunity

Originally Posted by franken View Post
Sorry to be serious in a thread meant to not be, but the title and content have nothing to do with one another. Also, no, many people (judging from what I've read posted on the internet), have little understanding of what herd immunity is.
The real reason I had for this tread was “old blue”. l followed this guy into the parking lot. I admired his truck without approaching him, from 30’ or more.

Not one mention of the truck.

Lots of folks wanting to vent about Covid 19, people are scared. I get that.
Today’s world with the internet makes us all experts on everything under the sun. “If you don’t agree with what I’ve read,then you have no understanding”.
It’s easy to be critical. It’s easy to be judge mental, I know.
I’m learning if I see someone and their hair is on fire. Let it burn, it makes them feel better.
The title and content may have had a purpose that you missed.
“What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul”
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