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Re: Wish I hadnít sold it?

Thru the years I've owned a fair amount of cars that kinda wish I had kept but not having the $$ to do such I guess that's life. First car I bought was a '69 Mach 1, (I know a F**d), 351 w/4 spd, '72 Monte Carlo, 402/Turbo 400, '65 Impals SS, 300/327 w/4 spd, tach & posi, 72 1/2 ton LWB, '72 Blazer 350 with factory 4 spd.

Of them all I'd take the '65 Impala back in a heart beat even over the Mach 1. That 300 hp/327 was a real screamer in factory mode. Rebuilt the engine since gas was cheap at 26.9 ga mid 70s. Bored, cammed, ported the heads. Added power steering from a junk yard parts haul. Swapped the Muncie linkage to a Mr. Gasket "Bang Shifter", dual exhaust with Thrush mufflers. Repainted for an even $100 bucks to include under the hood, door jams and trunk. Those were the days.
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