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Re: Herd immunity

Originally Posted by Tomq View Post
Hi Kingsolver; "old blue" caught my attention right away! Some-one has put some time into it and enjoys driving around in the nice weather,which leads me to the next observation,beautiful green grass and NO snow! Spring must be coming,and with that,there is always a period of optimism for the best on our farm! I wonder how modified the owner has made it,nice wheels and stance,probably around 1950 or so? Thanks for posting,keep your stick on the ice,Tomq
Hey Tomq, thanks for the positive words. It is a cool old truck. I didnít get get too close.. but under different circumstances I would have looked a bit closer.

I live in Ottawa Kansas. Iíve never played hockey, Iím more of a traditional ju jitsu kind of guy. I go with flow and flow with the go.
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