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Re: Herd immunity

Originally Posted by kingsolver72 View Post
A different view of ol blue.
Kinda neat perspective...Ol' Blue and New Blue. Both are purty!

I feel ('cuz I really don't even know what I don't know ) that even though we may be in for difficult times for a spell, I have seen many a hatchet buried (some with the handle sticking out still) and many instances of people throughout our country coming together for the common good. Yeah, we tend to hear more about the jack weeds that aren't pulling their weight and the missteps of the people that well, miss steps on the media, BUT the heroes that are silently sacrificing and giving the most are just "doing what they do" and doing a lot of it.

They are literally everywhere if you stop to take a look.

I heard just the other day (and this is not to get political in any way shape or form) the President and the Governor of Ca "almost" being complimentary towards each other. Clearly the hatchet handles still sticking out BUT, they weren't exchanging daggers and I almost choked on my beer.

I was absolutely floored. Truth be told, inspired as well.

If those two can set aside differences for the moment to unite for the good of this great country.....any of us can.

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