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Re: Herd immunity

Originally Posted by FleetsidePaul View Post
This may not be the best analogy but here goes...

I have 4 dogs. They always fight. Not knock down drag out fighting but a lot of growling etc.

But if there is a threat or even a perceived threat in their eyes. They will run out and stand together side by side. Brothers in arms.
That analogy is spot on!

A lot like my kids. They're the first to cut each other off at the knees most days but an outside picks on one..look out. They get thick as thieves and twice as vicious. The youngest daughter makes me nervous sometimes. .

Happens every night when my wife tells them to get ready for bed and Im conveniently in the garage perfecting my "Marital Distancing"....

Crap. Does this mean I'm raising politicians?

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