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Re: Wish I hadnít sold it?

67 Impala's hold a special place in my heart. I bought a 4 door with a 327 for my girlfriend for $400 back in the day. I got it because it was cheap and her parents were cheaping out on getting her her first car. She was 17 and I was 19. (I know I was robbing the cradle)

She looked so out of place in that big boat. She was small (about 100 pounds soaking wet) and that car was huge. But we drove it everywhere. It was a great car. It never failed.

I found it when I was a meter reader. The guy that had it had inherited it. He had a huge snow white German Shepherd that scared the poo poo out of me and he had to put the dog up before I could go in and read the meter. We were just talking and he said that he just wanted to get rid of the car. I took my girl and picked it up that night.

It was a big ugly more door but it was a great cruiser and we had a lot of fun in it. I wish I still had it.
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