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Re: 1964-1966 center a/c vent

okay I'm thinking if you want the entire assembly that will include the face plate the 2 vent ball mounts all 3 vents (chromed) the felt and the hardware $300

chromed vents will be $50 each. it costs a lot just to get them chromed.

ball mounts $20 per set.

face by itself $150

if you want the felt i just buy it from Brothers its $17.97 a set. i will buy it for complete sets only.

let me know if that sounds reasonable.

i think the first complete assembly will be ready in about 2 months. the face plate by itself could be ready next week as well as the ball mounts. the vents take 5 weeks to get back from the chromer and i have not started on the center vent yet.

PM me if you want to place an order and or availability
Hand Made Factory reproduction A/C vents 602-361-6421
Faceplate $150
any vent $25
ball mount set $20
ball felt set $20
center vent clip $5
hardware $5
side vent assembly $80
center assembly $270
center assembly with side vents $340
any order over $100 Free Shipping
prices do not include any fees if applicable
orders will come with a template to cut the dashboard and info on where to get your vent balls chromed and how to prep them.

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