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The Great Critter Revival 09

Well, I figure it is time for me to put this in some sort of build thread, even though at the moment it is made up more of destruction than building.

A little history…I had been looking for a 1st gen Blazer off and on starting around 2001. I got serious a couple years ago and picked this one up in August of 2006. I knew it had some issues but I also knew it had a lot of the options I wanted. I.E. tilt, A/C, 350/TH350, etc. After I bought it I realized it was a Highlander package as well. For the last couple of years I have been gathering parts, casually fixing things, and getting it road worthy. Tuned up the engine, rebuilt the tranny, rebuilt the front axle/spring bushings, new rear suspension. Blah, Blah, Blah. This winter it finally became fully street legal…just in time for me to get serious about restoring it. I have most of the big parts gathered up like a full set of virtually spotless OEM sheet metal to bolt on (except for a driver door that I am currently looking for), along with a new rear axle and some newer style GM seats from a 2001 truck. The rest of the parts like, grill parts, pretty much all of the interior pieces, and all the seals/gaskets and so on will be purchased as I go.

The first pic is where she was sitting back in 2006. The others were taken after I had done some work.
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Check it out

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