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Re: The Great Critter Revival 09

Originally Posted by vtblazer View Post
At a minimum, do something to maintain the door opening.

Your going to be getting into the front pillar and once you break it loose, you'll be amazed at how much the firewall is going to move.

Fair warning though, build the brace so it's 'convenient' to work around.
Sorry, I must have misunderstood earlier. Yes, at the moment I have a square tube brace that goes from the cowl mount on the firewall to the upper door area on the bedside, so the top part of the opening can't "open" up any more. I also am waiting on my assistant to come over and help me put the top back on. Thats why I haven't moved any farther at this point. I am hoping that the fact my tortion boxes are in good shape and that I just replaced my body mounts, that everything will stay pretty much in place. I have been naive in the past though.
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