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Re: How about some pics of '73-'87 Long Beds Part II

Ive got a number of those trucks in my hoard. The blue plain jane truck is very clean 6 cyl stick only option is power steering, the engine knocks. I have a good 350 to put in it. The Silverado has some rust issues is a 3/4 ton. I went to a estate sale and bought three trucks a 74 half ton a 86 3/4 ton and a 76 ford 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive. Sold the ford for more than I paid for all three. The blue and white 74 is parts. Locked engine frozen trans and locked rear end. I think its been under water? the Tan and brown 3/4 is good the350 engine is good the body has ne rust. Its bent up and I have it taken apart to replace the front cap and doors. I think I will spray bomb paint it like my Silverado make it a 50 footer and install my wrecker sling and winch on it. it has a granny 4 speed. just don't want to do body work and add any filler so will leave the dents and dings.
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