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Re: 1986 GMC Dually pickup mud flap help...

Ya know... when that's all it takes to get a damned ticket, I AM glad I live in TN. I understand the reasons for this law or THAT law... but when every dog gone Barney Fife is out there writing a ticket at every opportunity JUST to write tickets, it's no surprise when the constanbulary of the U.S. wonders why they they don't get the respect they feel they are due.

Good people try SO hard to respect the police and work within the legal and ethical boundaries. They try to help. Then some turd for brains knight in social armor comes along with his own personal agenda and undoes years of goodwill and honorable intentions in a matter of minutes.

Ahh.. America! What a country! LOL

I find that, as I get older and older, I just keep a lower and lower profile. ROTFLMAO

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