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Re: Regarding Small Step-Vans Custom or Stock

Hey All,

I would love to keep this post alive! We have a massive rebuild and electrification project beginning. We could use all the advice we can get

Ultra Small Expedition Vehicle, 4x4 with 80 mile EV range.
Chassis: 1986 m1009 K-5 Blazer
Body: p10 Grumman Olson with a 9" custom body extension, custom doors/windows, Aerogel insulation and external compartments for adventure gear.
Engine: Deutz 4Cyl Air cooled Diesel
Axels: ?
Tranny: ?
EV System:?
Solar Array: 3kwh
Suspension: Airbags for controlling the added weight of the ev system

the list goes on, we are still in the planning stages. Just finished stripping the k5 down to the frame. Next up testing out drivetrain ideas on our p20 as it is easy to drop in different parts/gear ratios to test milage and power

Stay tuned

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