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Re: Big Blue Burb

Originally Posted by BGarza13x View Post
Slow progress. So, I ordered parts over a month ago and they finally got here. Got a few patch parts that I am going to either get help from a professional welder or from my dad. Rocker panels and the rear taillight section, mainly. Also, when I hurt my arm, I took my frustration out on the liftgate. It was added by the previous owner, apparently not very well. I snapped the weld on one side on top, so it droops and water comes in through the gap when it rains. Any tips on how to strengthen it?

Also, I want to buy new center caps for my rims, but have no clue what to search for or were to find it or what size. All 4 are rusted out. Any clue what
I should search for?

Last question for now, how much Lizard Skin do the Suburbans need. The website has an estimator, I came up with 4 gallons of each sound and heat insulators, is that right? Any one use it and really need that much?

It may be slow but progress is progress. Good to see you working on it again.....


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