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Re: Steering wobble and pull

Alrighty then... here is where we stand today. And thank you hemi43. I think you are onto something. So. 2wd and hubs unlocked. Turn the u joints by hand. They turn about 90 degrees freely then encounter resistance. Cant really turn by hand but can with a screw driver through for leverage. Then hand turnable again for about 90 degrees or so. Mark the u joints and take a quick drive and the u joints are definitely not in the same position after the drive. Jack up the right front to get the wheel off the ground. Turn the tire by hand and it feels smooth no odd noise and the u joint does not move. Rotate it backwards and forwards and maybe get the u joint to move a little but not much at all. Same on the front left.

So... sounds like the axles are turning when they shouldn't be. So put the truck on flat ground in neutral and roll the car forward slowly. U joints turn. Not 1 to 1 with the tirest but clearly turning slowly.

Ok. Then... I take out the differentail fill. Stick my finger in. And... drum roll. Vanilla shake. Nice white and creamy. So unless im.missing something. Not good.

So I've drained it, taken the cover off and sitting at a 7 year Olds birthday party waiting to get back at it.

Oh... and while under there I noticed there is no vent hose. None. Never noticed one way or the other in the past. Might have fallen off. Might never have been there.

Next steps? Clean it out and refill and see where we stand? Other ideas?
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