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Re: 1981_c10 Step-Side

Well this weekend was two great scores for the 1981. I purchased a used OEM front bumper with no dents or scratches for my 81 c10 for $125. Needs a nice polish and she will be good to go.

I also scored a lowering kit. I bought it off a guy who sold his truck before he put it on. So it is a 2.5/4 inch drop kit. Spindles, hangers and shackles. I think I will be replacing my front springs back with stock springs due to that fact that 1) the driver side sags and 2) i dnt want anymore than a 2.5 drop in the front.

I am curious to know thoughts on drop shocks. I need to replace mine all the way around and not sure if the 2.5/4 drop will have an affect. Thoughts?

Also, thoughts are replacing the whole control arm verses rebuilding?

Thanks y'all!
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