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Re: 1981_c10 Step-Side

Well, it has been a while since I have posted. I did manage to pick up a used front bumper for $125. Mine has a decent dent and crease from the previous owner. The one i picked up used had some over spray on it that i was able to wipe right off with some paint thinner and then she polished up nicely. I will get a photo of the new on on, but here are some with the old one and then without.

I also got the new carb on and headed to get my battery replaced today after work...Sad it is a new battery that went dead. I need to drive that beauty.

I am seeking advice on vent windows: rebuild or buy new? I have a set a bought back in high school that need to weather stripping but are in better shape than the ones on on the truck. I have seen a some guys rebuild with new weather stripping, but hit or miss on the results. And i know they can be pricey to outsource. Thoughts? Sugestions?
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