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Re: 1981_c10 Step-Side

Small update, I had a horrible power steering leak that was coming from the pressure hose. It was shooting fluid to the underside of the hood and in turn causing fluid to cover the whole engine bay and even the top of the hood and passenger fender.

After spending over an hour trying to get the bolts loose on the lines....I gave up. I appreciate the help on fluids to use in the future to get the bolts loose. I ended up taking it to a shop yesterday. They told me it took over three hours to get it off...well worth the $100 bucks in my opinion.

Now I need to get it to the car wash to wash off the oil.

Also, they gave me a quote on painting my truck. Never had anything painted except the black my dad and I sprayed ourselves. Guy quoted me 3K. Is that good? Just be a single stage silver. Back to original.
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