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Re: Hooking up two batteries together on my 73 c10?????

Originally Posted by cr34t3d_by_d4rkd3n View Post
Hahah WHAT?! U need to open some books. 2 batterys parralled stays 12v and combines both batterys cca.That's exactly what I said. The way u describe leaves insuffent grounds. Not at all if you will look at the attached diagram below.BOTH BATTERYS NEED A CRAP LOAD OF GROUNDS AND EITHER A COMMON BUT EQUIL + JUNCTION POINT or EQUAL POSITIVE BRANCHES OFF POSTS. To say neg off one and pos to starter is a frog leap away from a in series system. Your 2000 posts are impressive, but if they contain incorrect instructons whats the point?
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The diagram below is how I've always hooked up my batteries to DOUBLE MY COLD CRANKING AMPS.
I've ran like this for over 30 years and have never had a problem.
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