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67-72 Suburban OE seats

This thread is only for OE seats for 67-72 Suburbans.
There are often questions pertaining to type of benches, and what type of brackets and hold downs were used.
So I thought that this should be a sticky thread, and for reference only when it comes to the Original Equipment seating of the 67-72 Suburban.

This includes brackets, and upholstery that were Original to the 67-72 Chevrolet and GMC Suburbans.

Often FAQ's

Will a 1972 bench seat work in my 1967 Suburban - Yes
All 67-72 benches will interchange.

Are the brackets reproduced, who makes them? - At this time 02/2016 no one is making brackets.

Are the hold down brackets reproduced, who makes them? - Yes, these can be found from various vendors. But be sure to include Blazers in your search, since often times they are sold only as Blazer brackets.
1968 K20 Suburban

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