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Re: 67-72 Suburban OE seats

Originally Posted by Bigdav160 View Post
I can only speak of my '72. The front and rear seat frames are totally different. The front bench seat is mostly rectangular tubing with real upholstery style springs.

The rear seat is made from round tubing with large square mesh wires for the foam support.

You could probably swap them but it would take fabrication (welding) to make the sliders fit.

I didn't think to take pictures when I had mine all apart.
I am running 1970 seat frames that have been covered in 67-68 style, and they are different than the 67-68 from what I have noticed.
When I was rebuilding my 1st row bench that had broken springs, I found that 67-68 springs were different from the 69-70 and 71-72.
1968 K20 Suburban
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