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67 Plain Jane C10 396 3 on the tree

Two weeks ago I picked a very original 67 step side.

Check my post in the Introduction Section for details.

I've had good luck finding original parts to put it back to stock. The engine appears to be a replacement. I was told that the engine has less than 20,000 miles on it. It does run very well. The coolant is nonexistent and the red rusty crap in the radiator was starting to weep from the head gasket. My plan was to replace the head gasket and run it. On my way home from the parts store with the head gasket set, a freeze plug blew out behind the bellhousing.

So, I had a decision to make. Pull the engine and trans and reseal them. Or, put a different engine back in. Since it's not the original engine, I've decided to replace it with something else. I like the basic bare bones idea of the 3 on the tree, although I'm not a fan of no OD.

So I couldn't go with a 350 like every other hot rod, so I looked for either a 327 or a 396. My goal was to find a period correct stock looking engine. Last week I drove to Pismo Beach chasing a big block, but came home empty handed.
I wasn't having any luck finding an appropriate 327 and then I ran across a Craigslist ad for a 68 396, pulled from a 68 C10.
I bought that engine. 68 Hipo block 396 with 67 427 heads. It wasn't the complete engine that I was looking for, but it comes from a good source with a known history. It does have a RV cam, stock exhaust manifolds and a factory Holley manifold. I picked up a set of Big block stands.

I do plan on stock wheels with COPO caps, disc fronts and lowering.

Now I have some parts to find:

Single belt water pump pulley
Clutch kit
V8 transmission cross member
V8 column shift linkage
Overdrive cable and t-handle

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